Expert Survey

Expert Survey

The expert survey is a study conducted by our sociologists to solve the problems that require evaluations of experts or specialists in a particular area or the evaluations of  highly skilled professionals.

The professional interviewer of high level conducts the expert survey by prepared scenario of discussion of the subject. The conversation is recorded on a tape. After this stage, all the entries are being interpreted and analyzed. There cannot be much experts on one subject, so the representation such as in this type of survey does not exist. The sample size is always being determined by the topic and objectives, and is usually about 15-20 experts or less (for example, in case if the number of persons and experts is narrow and had already “limited”). In this case, the principles expert’s availability and competence act.

The peculiarities of method:

  1. The purpose of the expert survey is obtaining the necessary information that is reflected in knowledges, opinions and marks of respondents who are competent and have deep knowledge on the subject or object of study and have a certain valuable experience in a certain field.
  2. The search of information which client needs to foreseeing, taking important management decision, forming the strategic aims, monitoring of certain object or the whole branch. All this information belongs to people who are connected with the problem that is being studied professionally or can deal with some specific questions.
  3. Attentive selection of the participants: only those ones who deserve the status of a person which is competent in the given field of research.
  4. The work with experts can be established not only as a single interview or conversation, but it can also be conducted in form of  focus group, brainstorming, Delphi technique, that require special skills.

This method has certain disadvantages: complexity of the selection of experts on certain sociological issues or even (in some cases) the absence of such an experts.

The price of the service

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