Phone survey

Phone survey

“Socioplus” offers its clients the conduction of national and regional phone surveys.

The advantages of telephone interviews are the following:

- Prompt and timely collection of the primary data;

- Much more lower cost of services in comparison to flat and street surveys;

- The forming of the target audience, according to the needs of the client and / or regional presence of the product / services of interest.

“Socioplus” owns its own call-centre that provides fast and high qualified gathering of primary sociological information. The data collected at the survey can be processed very fast, that will give the Customer an opportunity to get daily operative information by the results of the survey.  As the part of the phone survey, “Socioplus” offers to its customers:

–        definition of the target audience of research;

–        formation of the sample survey complex of research;

–        forming of an exclusive respondents database;

–        operational information about the survey progress which will allow tracing the dynamics of respondents answers;

–        preparation of a report for the customer in a convenient form (Word, PowerPoint etc.).

The price of the service

The price of the service is formed after the exploring of the particular situation and taking the wishes of the customer into the account. For consulting and value calculation, please contact our specialists by the specified contacts.

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