Market research

Market research

Working at the field of marketing services since 2002, our company is able to provide a full cycle of market researches throughout Ukraine: the type of services range from designing the specifications to preparation of an analytical report with addition of multimedia presentation of the results.

What are market researches for?

  • To identify the qualities needed for the consumer of a new product or services of Your company
  • To determine the target groups of the consumers  and / or Your company’s services, their comprehensive description and analysis of different criteria
  • To assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign that is conducted on Your order (or for detailed planning and forecasting the efficiency of the campaign that has not started yet)
  • To determine the objective capacity of the existing market in general or its certain single segments, as well as clarification and description of the positions of its key players (including Your competitors)

The Center’s specialists offer you market researches on:

  • study of the effectiveness of the the campaign
  • research for developing the company’s advertising campaign
  • study of the competitive environment
  • research of the feasibility of products
  • study of the consumers’ behavior, priorities and values
  • market research on capital and consumer goods
  • research of the products and commercial policy of the enterprise
  • research of the price policy of the enterprise


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