Popular polls

Popular polls

This method gives an opportunity to get a wide range of information about public opinion, that’s why the popular polls are used in:

  • Political sphere, in order to scale ratings and determinate public opinion to the political questions;
  • Marketing sphere, in order to determinate market’s volume for the specific types of products, assess the advertising effectiveness and the other problems;
  • Legal field to determine the level of popularity of trademarks;
  • The other spheres to determine public opinion on a number of issues.

For the data flow analysis mathematical tools and specialized statistical software (OCA New Line, Statistica, SPSS) are generally used.

SRC AS Socioplus has a broad network of qualified interviewers and offers to a customer the public polls in Kiev city, the major cities and throughout Ukraine (the nationwide representative research).

The traditional sample size for this type of survey is about from 400 to 4000 of respondents, according to the aims, objectives and the budget of research.
The main methods of gathering the sociological information:

  • ocular survey (questionnaire) by each apartment;
  • street ocular survey;
  • phone survey;
  • Hall-tests etc.

The duration of such a research ranges according to the sample size, the aims and objectives of the survey, the characteristics of the target audience and the scope of application.

Electronic data files that are provided for independent analysis by the customer in any suitable form;

  • One-dimensional distributions in the form of tables and graphs which contain the percentage distribution of respondents according to the list of questions in the application. This form of report allows to receive the most common description of the survey’s problem situation.
  • Two-dimensional distributions that reflect the connection between the range of indocators and demonstrate the survey’s problem situation deeper, explaining the mechanisms and the causing of certain phenomena and processes (in this case, correlation analysis of a number of parameters is involved);
  • Short analytical report, in which the tables and graphs are accompanied by analitical reports and brief conclusions (in MS Word files or PowerPoint presentation);
  • Expanded analytical report containing a detailed analysis of the survey results, beginning from a description of survey methodology and concluding by the findings and recommendations.

The price of the service

The price of the service is formed after the exploring of the particular situation and taking the wishes of the customer into the account. For consulting and value calculation, please contact our specialists by the specified contacts.

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