Focus group research

Focus group research

Focus group research is a flexible method method of research that can solve a wide range of problems. The method is used to form hypotheses and productive ideas, determination of the behavior model, motivation,  factors that influence the individual’s choice. Focus group research allows studying of consumer’s behaviour: to test and assess the product or the service, advertising concepts and to generate the creative decisions. The advantage of the focus group researches is a wide range of use, operativeness of receiving of the results.

The feature of the focus group researches is the use of group dynamics and the ability of direct discussion’s observation. The discussion involves about 8-10 pre-selected respondents under the management of professional moderator who puts the group’s attention on the discussed topic. We offer a full cycle of focus group research: from the services of a professional moderator to writing an analytical report. The research is being conducted in a specially equipped audience with video- and audio- recording.

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